brew·head /ˈbrooˌhed/

One who truly enjoys, supports, and loves BEER (craft beer, and homebrew). This may include (but not limited to) hopheads, beer geeks, beer connoisseurs, beer snobs, brewers, homebrewers, etc..

A brewhead takes pride in what they drink and/or brew. Quality plays a large part in the beers they purchase or brew.

They have appreciation for the work that goes into the beer they are drinking. They know there is more to beer than just alcohol. There’s a story, a person (or team), a craft…an experience under every bottle cap. 

One who is involved in the craft beer industry and/or community.  Collecting coasters, caps, bottles, and beers is a common hobby. Trying new beers, touring breweries, attending beer events, etc are also common.

BrewHeads Blog

Traviis the 7th in Struggle City

December 05, 2014

Traviis the 7th of the Bodega Brovas was representing his Boondock HopHead shirt in their newest short film. Traviis is a a huge craft beer fan and a dope hip-hop artist. I love the Bodega Brovas' humor. It's great to see people having fun with what they do. Cheers to Traviis. Check out the video here:

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AZ to MTL: St. Ambroise

December 04, 2014

Wow I just realized a lot of my scheduled posts never posted... Well it's "throwback Thursday" haha. So we'll throw it back to my visit to St. Ambroise with Cee & the crew. St. Ambroise was very welcoming and super excited for the BrewHeads Video shoot. They let us film throughout their beautiful location in Montreal. Tanya from St. Ambroise won us over with her hospitality. We got a tour and inside look at the brewery.Of course we had to try the brews. And for those didn't see it St. Ambroise hosted the video launch on their terrasse.  I was really excited about all the breweries we had visited but St. Ambroise was the largest of the ones we had seen and we actually got to...

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