brew·head /ˈbrooˌhed/

One who truly enjoys, supports, and loves BEER (craft beer, and homebrew). This may include (but not limited to) hopheads, beer geeks, beer connoisseurs, beer snobs, brewers, homebrewers, etc..

A brewhead takes pride in what they drink and/or brew. Quality plays a large part in the beers they purchase or brew.

They have appreciation for the work that goes into the beer they are drinking. They know there is more to beer than just alcohol. There’s a story, a person (or team), a craft…an experience under every bottle cap. 

One who is involved in the craft beer industry and/or community.  Collecting coasters, caps, bottles, and beers is a common hobby. Trying new beers, touring breweries, attending beer events, etc are also common.

BrewHeads Blog

LA to SD

September 23, 2015

Gotta love quick trips to Cali. This Summer I was able to get away for a little bit to lovely California.  We hit LA for an epic concert.. Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and Black Hippy. And of course enjoyed some excellent brews. The bar next too our hotel was having a Mike Hess tap take over so of course we had to enjoy some of SD's finest.  I had to stop by Johnny Cupcakes LA. I've been to Boston and London but this was the first time to his LA shop. Such an inspiration and master of branding.  For those that don't know my wife and I are vegan so we really wanted to visit this amazing animal sanctuary in...

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Florida Weisse

August 22, 2015

I recently had the honor of putting together some artwork for the fellas at J. Wakefield Brewing in Miami. They are throwing an awesome event! So if you are in the Florida area or want to plan a trip... definitely hit this up! It's going down August 29th. See below for more info. What is a Florida Weisse? Well, some say it's Florida's new signature beer. It's a spin-off of the traditional Berliner Weisse which is a light, tart, thirst-quenching, low alcohol (2-5%) wheat beer. Rather than adding a sweet syrup to soften the sour punch, Florida brewers are adding fruit! Lots of fruit! All kinds of fruit! Fruits you've never heard of before! The bright fruit flavor can add...

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