brew·head /ˈbrooˌhed/

One who truly enjoys, supports, and loves BEER (craft beer, and homebrew). This may include (but not limited to) hopheads, beer geeks, beer connoisseurs, beer snobs, brewers, homebrewers, etc..

A brewhead takes pride in what they drink and/or brew. Quality plays a large part in the beers they purchase or brew.

They have appreciation for the work that goes into the beer they are drinking. They know there is more to beer than just alcohol. There’s a story, a person (or team), a craft…an experience under every bottle cap. 

One who is involved in the craft beer industry and/or community.  Collecting coasters, caps, bottles, and beers is a common hobby. Trying new beers, touring breweries, attending beer events, etc are also common.

BrewHeads Blog

BrewHeads video!

August 26, 2014

After about 9 months of planning, traveling and a lot of craft beer, the music video for 'BrewHeads', along with the official collaboration pack, has arrived! The incredible video for Cee's world first 100% ode to craft beer was directed, shot and edited by 9Block Productions' Shane Russell and collaborator Richard Bastarache in microbreweries, brewpubs, dépanneurs and home brew shops around Montreal. We ran an advance screening of the video at the gorgeous Terrasse St. Ambroise in Montreal last week, and the response from both the fans and the craft beer community alike has been overwhelming. And if you missed it, we also recently released interviews with Daniel Essiambre of Broue Pub BrouHaha and Taylor McAuslan of St. Ambroise (son of Peter McAuslan, brewery founder).Alot of work went into...

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She's Crafty Shoot - by Nelson Flores

August 20, 2014

My friend and fellow BrewHead, Nelson Flores shot some amazing photos with his friend Amber during the 4th of July weekend. Of course the day he decided to shoot Arizona was hit with a pretty big dust storm. If you look carefully in the back you can see the haboob coming! Enjoy.     Nelson is a huge BrewHeads supporter and I was excited when he told me about this shoot. It really showcased the Arizona Girls Pint Out Collab in the best way possible. It doesn't get much more Arizona than the desert in the background during a dust storm. And of course we're all about American Craft Beer so the flag works, 4th of July or not.  Cheers to...

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