London: Meantime Brewing

November 23, 2013

My buddy Nate from TapHandles told me about this awesome brewery in the UK called Meantime Brewing. They were doing alot of work for them at the time. I had never heard of them so I hunted down a few of their beers. BOOM! I was sold and a fan... not only for the beer but for the branding as well. So when we were planning our honeymoon I knew Meantime would be a on our list of places to visit. 

Although my trip to London wasn't a full blown brewery trip I was able to hit up some spots. Well first stop into London (besides checking into our hotel) was Meantime Brewing Company. Huge thanks to Nate and Rebecca for the complementary tour (best tour to date, complementary or not!)


The brewery tour is definitely worth it. I gotta say that this brewery tour was one of the best tours I've ever been on. It's a long tour so don't think that this is going to be one of those "heres our brewery, our bottling line, ok bye" type tours. Haha. If you live in the UK or plan on visiting London be sure to add this to the top of your list. 

BrewHeads at Meantime Brewing Co.

The tour starts in their awesome tasting room that is fully surrounded by craft beer bottles from all over the world. This room is the ultimate brewhead's dream room. It's got everything we want...Amazing beer on tap, huge glassware collection, a view of the brewery, a badass prohibition mural, and more. 

It's here where you learn about Meantime itself, and beer history in London as well as the States. Of course you taste lots of their classic beers. We tasted them in order of the discussion which was really cool. We tasted the malts, smelled the hops, and talked about the brewing process etc.

That's Jethro, the man that guided this amazing tour. Jethro isn't a random tour guide, he's apart of the amazing Meantime crew. He's also one of their brewers at their small batch brewery. He truly knows his stuff and covered everything. When we were in the brewhouse he explained what everything was, what it did, and why they use it. We learned about their filtering process compared to most breweries. I love that Meantime Brewing Co. filters their beer using a vegan method compared to some others we won't mention.  We learned about their water filtration, their kegs, their bottles...everything. 

I'm a huge fan of branding. Whether it's beer, clothing, soap, or food. I think branding completes the experience if it's done correctly. Amazing branding and style shows that someone cares about their product. Well Meantime is all over this. Everything is done well...even their bottles. You gotta love the patented unique bottles they have. 

Ok, finally lets talk about some of the beers.

Meantime has a huge line up of beers that are available on draft, and several bottle forms. They also have limited edition beers like the beers in their Brewer's Collection. Everything we tasted during the tour was amazing.

My favorite from the tour was the YAKIMA RED. It's named after the Yakima Valley in Washington because of the hops they chose to use in this brew. The hops give the beer a great citric bitterness and fruity aromas. There are some truly amazing malt and hop characteristics in this 4.1% abv ale. At 4.1% this is the perfect session beer for London with a US twist (yakima valley hops that is). 

London Porter is probably one of the best examples of a traditional porter. Porter is a classic beer style that at one point was the only beer style available especially in London. This porter is exactly how a classic porter should taste with no added ingredients like fruit, coffee or chocolate. All the smoky, roasted malt, coffee, and chocolate notes are strictly from the malt bill on this brew. The London porter is by far my favorite porter I've had in a long time. And if this isn't enough they have a Chocolate Porter and Smoked Porter as well!!

I wish the world wasn't flooded with bad examples of lagers and pilsners or I'd drink them a lot more. MeanTime's London Lager and Pilsner are GREAT examples of how these styles should taste. Their lager is clean, crisp and very well balanced. There's a great hop presence but not over powering. The London Lager was available on tap almost at every pub we stopped at. Always good to have a good classic beer on tap. This is a great beer to show those macro lager drinkers how a real beer should taste. The malts and hops in the London Lager are all local which earns this beer even more points.

The India Pale Ale is another great example of a classic style. They didn't go for a Cali style hop bomb instead they went with the original style for IPA. This brew is full of Kent Fuggles and Goldings hops. I was able to enjoy this beer in the states (bottled) and on tap at several places throughout London. Excellent well balanced, traditiona IPA worth picking up. 

Their London Pale Ale is excellent and available throughout London! They combined local UK Kentish Goldings hops with US Cascade and US Centennial hops to make a refreshingly bitter pale ale. There's a lot of floral and fruity aromas that make this beer so refreshing on the nose. The malty and hoppiness of this beer balance well and finish some what dry. This is an excellent pale ale that all Londoners can be proud of. 

I could go on for days talking about MeanTime's amazing beers. Seriously, everything I've had from them has been great and truly craft.

Again make sure you hit up MeanTime Brewing Company if you're in London!! If you see it on the shelves pick up a bottle or two. Their classy and unique branding makes their bottles a great way to blow away all non-craft believers. And their amazingly brewed beers can be enjoyed by all... This includes everyone from hardcore brewheads to the beer virgin. So grab a bottle and take it to your next party, dinner, lunch, or date. Drink Craft, Live Craft.

MeanTime Brewing Company

Lawrence Trading Estate
Blackwall Ln
London SE10 0AR
United Kingdom

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