AZ to MTL: Brouhaha

July 12, 2014

One of my favorite places we visited in Montreal was Brouhaha. Brouhaha is a brewpub with Belgian beer style house inspiration that has one of the largest selections of draft beers. They brew a ton of their own beers but also feature almost every brewery in Quebec. This is the brewpub you go to to taste all of Quebec.

They have about 6 of their 20 brews on tap and they rotate several guest brews on the rest. Lets not forget their large bottle list. The craft beer they brew is truly amazing. The headbrewer is very good at what he does and everyone in Montreal knows it. Brouhaha is not on anyone's radar in the USA but it needs to be. They brew some of the finest beers I've tasted including excellent sours. The bar features a Randall as well and they are always pouring something new out of it. Cask ales are available too and of course food. If you had one stop to make in Montreal, this would be it.

We had the pleasure of meeting up with one of the owners, Daniel Essiambre. Dan is the man and one of the most hospitable people we met while shooting the video. After getting our shots and b-roll footage we just chatted for awhile. We chatted about craft beer of course, but more about the culture, the community, etc. I learned alot about Quebec craftbeer and even more about the Montreal scene than I had expected. We asked Dan if he wanted to be in the video, without hesitation Dan flipped his hat backwards and was rapping the chorus. So excited to have Brouhaha involved in the BrewHeads video.  

Noir De Bourgogne was the beer Dan suggested that we had to try. So of course  all of us (including Shane,Craig, Richard, and Tiffany) were down to try it. This saison based sour is brewed with buckwheat, wheat, brettanomyces and black currant. This brett style saison was aged for a year and a half in Pinot noir barrels. Man was this beer AMAZING! One of the best brett style brews ever. It was funky and complex but everything just seemed to work together so well. I wish I had bottles of this to share with all of you. 5 out of 5.

Brouhaha has grown over the years taking over every inch of the building. The building has been a pub for years and has alot of history. But when Brouhaha took it over, its never been busier and full of such good beer. 3 Rooms, tons of craft beer, and good times. They are in the process of opening a collaborative production brewery and tasting room too. It's the first of its kind as far as I know. It will be huge for the craft beer community in Montreal. 

Fun fact. Did you know that traditional pubs had small windows up high or frosted glass to obscure its customers from the street?

"Craftbeer" is the same in every city, state, and country. I don't mean the beers or breweries, I mean as a community and the mentality.. The craft beer community is friendly, passionate and helpful. Dan told us stories about how Montreal craft beer is more of a brotherhood, a friendship...not a competing market. Everyone supports each other and gets involved in each others events, etc. In the states its I feel its exactly the same. Dan has been in the craft beer community for a long time and has seen it grow to what it is today. The Quebec craft beer community is growing and pouring more amazing beer than ever. The craft beer revolution has never been more real.


5860 Avenue de Lorimier
Montréal, QC H2G 2N9, Canada

Monday to Friday: 11 am to 3 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 15 am

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