Meet the Brewtographer

August 09, 2013

If you're on instagram chances are you've liked an awesome craft beer photo from the Brewtographer.  I've been wanting to do an interview with the Brewtographer for awhile and it's finally here.  I met Dale through the amazing craft beer community on instagram. He's been a supporter of BrewHeads since the very beginning and represents every chance he gets. Ever since he started taking his photography of craft beer more serious he's grown...alot.  And I've enjoyed watching every step. His instagram is amazing so be sure to check it out.  


Tell us a little about yourself.

BrewHeads meets the Brewtographer


My name is Dale Swanson, I live in the bay area of California, I am currently 31 years old, have a wife and a son who is almost a year old. Working as a machinist, although really striving to work somewhere in the craft beer industry, and my hobbies include not only craft beer and photography but a little bit of gaming on the side haha.

How did you get into craft beer?

I can honestly say if it wasn't for instagram my passion for craft beer would not have flourished into what it is today. I've always had an interested in trying new beers but that mostly consisted of stuff id see at local bars ( widely distributed beer ) and the beer/seasonals i would try at Rock Bottom brewery. I bring up Rockbottom Brewery because that was probably my biggest influence of actual craft beer before instagram, aside from the occasional New Belgium Fat Tire or Sierra Nevada pale Ale Rockbottom is where i started to learn about some of the different styles and tastes that go along with those styles. What truly opened my eyes to what the words "craft beer" actually mean though is the community of folks on instagram.

Brewtographer pic 1

What made you choose to base your photography around beer?

Well that too i can blame on instagram haha, see it went a little something like this..... The reason i originally started on instagram is because i had a love for photography since i was in high school and so it was fun to have a little pocket camera/photo editing app where i could share some of my photos with random people. Every once in a while i would try a new beer and decided to also use instagram as a place i could kinda journalize the new beer i tried. One particular instance i remember really triggering things was i posted a picture of a New Belguim IPA called Ranger and New Belguim actually liked the photo which kinda blew my mind at the time. Of course that led me to start following them and they would post things about beer that I had never heard of. At one point they threw out a shout for an instagrammer by the name of Roshambo74 and so i went to check out his photos and was simply amazed by the variety of beer he had on his feed. once seeing those two it REALLY sparked an interest in trying more and when i tried something new I of course would post it and it just took off like a wildfire till my whole feed was nothing but craft beer.

Brewtographer photo 2

Instagram has played a role in your passion for craft beer. Has it played a role in any other craft beer aspects?

Has it played a role in any other craft beer aspects..... Ya it has, their are certain styles of beer that I had never heard of that I discovered because of Instagram.  A great example is Sours. I had no idea what a sour beer was until I saw posts about it and started asking questions.  I glad for that to because I really like sours now.

What are your favorite beers you've had in 2013 so far?

#5 Santa Clara Valley Brewing's Electric Tower IPA
#4 Cafe Racer 15 by Bear Republic Brewing.
#3 Single Hop Citra Imperial IPA by Flying Dog Brewing.
#2 Pliney the Younger by Russian River.
#1 Stone's Ruinten.
Call me crazy but I got more wow factor from the Ruinten then the pliney the younger haha. Keep in mind that this is just for 2013. I do want to throw out an Honorable mention to Class of 88 Barley Wine ale, a collab by Deschutes, rogue, and Northcoast brewing and Laguntias Sucks Brown Shugga Substitute. What can I say? I'm a hop head haha!!

Check out some of his awesome pictures.

Sunset brewtographer pic

IPA show by Brewtographer

Stone RuinTen IPA pic by Brewtographer

Awesome craft beer cork shot

Check out more of his pictures:

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